Bowtie Casual

Article number: SPUD278
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**  The Casual Small and Large Bowties are out of stock currently**  We expect them to be back in stock by late June.

Donnie Thompson’s Bowtie by Spud, Inc. is an easy solution for a horrible problem.  If you have a slouchy posture, tight pecs and achy shoulders then the Bowtie is for you.  With minimal time and effort you can help to correct these issues and more.  Wear it at your desk, in your car or even at home while watching TV.

The Casual Bowtie is great for aiding in postural correction and helping get rid of nagging shoulder pain. The softer material of the Casual Bowtie can be worn for long periods of time with minimal effort. 

It is so easy that there is NO excuse for not getting Bowtied.



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